What is WikiTeX?

WikiTeX extends MediaWiki by rendering LaTeX and other graphical objects directly in-article; support so far includes: math, music, chess, chemistry, go, plotting and relational diagrams.

To see WikiTeX in action, please visit:

How does WikiTeX work?

After you place special tags in your wiki article, WikiTeX goes to work; in a nutshell,

    \relative c' { 
        e16-.->a(b gis)a-.->c(d b)c-.->e(f dis)e-.->a(b a)
        gis(b e)e,(gis b)b,(e gis)gis,(b e)e,(gis? b e)


music [listen]

See Wikisophia's documentation as to which classes are supported and how to use them.

How can I get involved?

Join Wikitex-l, the WikiTeX mailing list, and commune with users and developers.

Downloading WikiTeX

Use your Subversion client to get the latest development snapshot:

svn co wikitex

or browse the WikiTeX repository.

Peter Danenberg <pcd at wikitex dot org>